Thursday, 1 December 2011

Eat the other Banana!


- Starchy, used as a vegetable
- Thick skin and longer than bananas
- Greenish/black color

You can steam, boil, grill, bake or fry these and add them to your dinner plate! 
Plantains are a fun part of a meal and many people eat them daily. 

Watch the video: 
"How to make fried plantains with John Mitzewich!"

  • In Ghana, boiled plantain is eaten with a stew. 
  • In the southern United States, in Texas, Louisiana and Florida, plantains are often grilled. 
  • In Nigeria, plantain is eaten boiled, fried or roasted.
  • In Guatemala, ripe plantains sometimes mashed and stuffed with sweetened black beans. Afterwards, they are deep fried. The peel of the ripe plantain is boiled with sugar and cinnamon to produce a very rich beverage. Nothing is wasted!

As a snack you may want to enjoy them as chips:

This bag is a product from Ecuador
17% Potassium, 16% Fiber, 4% Iron
Now the fun part...
 one small bag - 85 g is 440 calories!


  1. I have never tried plantains. I really should!

  2. They are pretty good fried in margarine and brown sugar!

  3. we had plantains in st. maarten (don't exist in CO) I liked them but hate that they take forever to be "ripe"